Relax and Discover

Nosy Be and its archipelago, which includes Fanihi, Komba, Mitsiou, Radama, Sakatia, Tanikely, Vorona and the famous Iranja, are a paradise of biodiversity.
Here you can discover tropical beaches, crystal clear waters and seabeds populated by corals, multi-colored fish, giant turtles and 12 thousand varieties of land plants: nature is a wonder!

Scuba Diving

Our aim? Make you live a “relax” holiday … therefore no efforts! Once you arrive, we will take care of your equipment entirely! With each dive you will find your group already assembled on the boat and rinsed on your return. Our 7 and a half meter boat guarantees total comfort both during dressing before diving and in the surface interval.

Sea Exscursions

Want to experience the ocean and the beauty of the Nosy Be archipelago? We will also take care of this! There will be excursions to the most interesting islands to make you meet lemurs and chameleons, and let you touch the most beautiful and unforgettable beaches of your holiday!

Land Excursions

A wild and uncontaminated nature, rich in plant and animal species, of which 90% are endemic, with rice fields, bananas and rural villages, with huts made of wood and palm roofs, numerous plantations of coffee, vanilla, cocoa and cinnamon but not only … walking along the streets it is not difficult to find the typical fragrant flower of ylang-ylang, from which it is extracted the essence used in the perfume industry.


Scuba Diving

Discover: Ocean diving off the Mozambique channel, Night dives, Exploratory diving, Wreck diving, Marine park of Nosy Tanikely.

Padi Courses

  • Discover Scuba Diver
  • Open Water Diver
  • Advanced OWD
  • Rescue Diver
  • Dive Master

PADI specialty courses

  • Deep Diver
  • Wreck
  • Search & Recovery
  • Enriched Air Nitrox Diver
  • Night Diver

First Aid courses


Sea Excursions


Two islands, a larger one, Iranja Be and a smaller one Iranja Kely, connected by a white sand tongue just over a mile and a half long, passable during the low tide, in the middle of a crystalline sea with colors ranging froml ight blue to turquoise and the blue of the sky.


It is magnificent both for its submarine biodiversity and its emerged part. For the divers it is a small aquarium, a sea suitable even for the children, for those who want to do only snorkeling or taking a swim and then sunbathe or take a nap under a palm tree!


An island that is still little contaminated by tourism. It houses a few hundred inhabitants located in three main villages joined together by paths along which it is easy to find a variety of plantations of coffee, vanilla and many exotic fruits.


A sacred pristine sland divided by a coralligenous part, a white beach made of fragments of corals merging with its wild part, a small forest. Its crystal clear waters are ideal for a relaxing bath and to discover, with only a mask, beautiful seafloors!

Land Excursions


One of the five integral nature reserves of Madagascar, which protects what remains of the tropical rainforest that once completely covered the island. Here you can admire the endemic island animals, such as the nocturnal lemur.


It is the highest mountain of Nosy be (329 meters) and is famous for its sunset. For the more romantic ones, you will see the sun setting over the sea with a scenario that will see protagonists two other beautiful islands, Nosy Sakatia and Nosy Ratzy.


Hell Ville is the main town on the island of Nosy Be, located on the south coast of the island and is the capital of the district of Nosy Be. In addition to being able to savor the true life of the island directly, you can not miss a visit to the typical market of the city.


A magnificent visit to the north of the country. A three-night and four-day tour that will take you to the main island, the so-called “Grande Terre”. Between sea, mountains and natural parks accompanied by a qualified guide, off-road.